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What’s New in Diabetes

The latest from the Division of Diabetes Translation, including new resources, programs, campaigns, and website updates.

	National Parnetship. Community Based.Scaling the National Diabetes Prevention Program in Underserved Areas (RFA-DP17-1705)

On April 11, 2017, CDC released a new five year Funding Opportunity Announcement seeking proposals from national and regional organizations to help scale the National DPP in Underserved Areas to ensure that all adults with prediabetes or at high risk for type 2 diabetes have the opportunity to enroll in a CDC-recognized evidence-based lifestyle change program. Applications are due June 12, 2017. Learn more...

	Diabetes Prevention Impact ToolkitThe Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit

To help employers, insurers, and state health departments weigh the costs and benefits of offering National DPP lifestyle change programs, CDC has developed the Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit .

This online tool provides estimates of a) the total cost of delivering a National DPP lifestyle change program to an employer’s, insurer’s, or state’s population; b) total health benefit resulting from the program; c) life years gained and quality-adjusted life years saved; d) cost-effectiveness of the lifestyle change program; and e) return on investment, if applicable.

Users can get results based on default values for their target population or enter customized values that reflect their own population and program experience. Users can also customize the toolkit’s results to show the most relevant data for their needs. Learn more...

	Health Insurance Coverage Laws. Diabates Self-Management Education and Training.Health Insurance Coverage Laws for Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training (DSME/T) Interactive Website

This website highlights policies from across the country that require DSME/T public and private insurance coverage for patients with diabetes. The site provides fact sheets for each state and epidemiological data on DSME/T insurance coverage patterns, trends, and gaps. Find out more...

	Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDCYour Health with Joan Lunden and CDC

This must-see broadcast mini-series focuses on critical diabetes-related topics such as prediabetes, diabetes complications, type 2 diabetes in youth, diabetes prevention—including the National Diabetes Prevention Program—and much more. Watch all of the information-packed segments and access additional resources about preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes and living well if you have diabetes.

	Diabetes State Burden Toolkit. Learn about diabetes in your state.Diabetes State Burden ToolKit

The new State Diabetes Burden Toolkit is a one-stop-shop resource for state-level estimates of diabetes burden, economic costs, and mortality overall, by age and sex. The Toolkit provides additional data, such as associated conditions related to diabetes, healthy life years lost, medical costs and other costs due to absenteeism or lost household productivity. Learn about diabetes in your state.

	CDC Vital SignsFirst Vital Signs Report on Diabetes: Encouraging Progress

Kidney failure from diabetes among American Indians and Alaska Natives was the highest of any US racial group until recently. Now it’s declining the fastest, a decrease of 54% from 1996 to 2013. Community and team approaches are making the difference—and could serve as a model for other populations. Find out what’s behind this remarkable progress in CDC’s latest Vital Signs report.

	Know Where You Stand. Take s simple risk test at doihaveprediabetes.orgPrediabetes: It’s Real, and You May Have It

Close to 86 million US adults have prediabetes, and 90% of them don’t know it. DDT’s first-ever national public service campaign to raise prediabetes awareness is bringing the message that prediabetes is real to the American people. A short online risk test is available at,where visitors can also find a link to CDC's National Diabetes Prevention Program with a searchable directory of CDC-recognized programs across the country.

Diabetes Features & Spotlights

This collection of articles explores the many aspects of managing diabetes and preventing type 2 diabetes, with a focus on helping people take positive action to live their healthiest lives.

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Diabetes Press Releases & Social Media

For the latest news releases, digital media kits, and social media, see Press & Social Media.

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