Behavior Code ICD-O-3

Source of standard: North American Association of Central Cancer Registriesexternal icon

Source item name: Behavior code ICD-O-3

Source item numbers: 523external icon

This variable is the code for the behavior of the tumor being reported using ICD-O-3. NAACCR adopted ICD-O-3 as the standard coding system for tumors diagnosed beginning January 1, 2001.

Considerations for Use

  • This database includes cases with invasive (malignant) and in situ Benign/borderline behavior for brain/CNS cases diagnosed in 2004 and forward are also included.
  • In SEER*Stat’s Selection Tab, the “Malignant Behavior” check box corresponds with Behavior Code ICD-O-3=3 (malignant). This is the default selection in this database. This restriction is used by CDC’s NPCR and NCI’s SEER Program for generating most official cancer statistics. To analyze benign, borderline, or in situ cases, uncheck the “Malignant Behavior” box.