Videos About Colorectal Cancer

The list below shows videos about colorectal (colon) cancer that have been posted on CDC’s YouTube channel.

Photo of Asaad and Leah in their living room.

When Leah was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, her 19-year-old son, Asaad, put his life on hold to take care of her.

Community Garden

Colorectal cancer is preventable, yet it is the number 2 cancer killer of both men and women in the U.S. Screening is recommended beginning at age 50, but only 1 in 2 adults gets a screening test in their early 50s.

Television Public Service Announcements

These public service announcements (PSAs) were developed by the Screen for Life campaign for organizations and individuals to share with local media. They explain the facts about colorectal cancer and why screening is important for people who are 50 years old or older. To request video files, please contact CDC-INFO.

Photo of Meryl Streep

In this public service announcement, actress Meryl Streep urges viewers to get screened for colorectal cancer. Other versions available: 30 seconds version A, 30 seconds version B, 20 seconds, and “Behind the Scenes” (1:07).

Photo of Terrence Howard
In this public service announcement, actor and musician Terrence Howard urges Americans to be screened for colorectal cancer.
This Is Personal

Actor and musician Terrence Howard talks about how his mother’s death from colon cancer affected his whole family. Other versions available: 30 seconds and “Behind the Scenes.”

Jimmy Smits

Set in a movie screening room, actor Jimmy Smits explains how a different kind of screening—for colorectal cancer—saves lives. Other versions available: 30 seconds and 20 seconds.

Videos by Cancer Survivor Joan Lunden

Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC
Joan Lunden encourages adults ages 50 and over to talk to their doctor to determine the right screening test for colorectal cancer.
Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC
Joan Lunden discusses about the effects of knowing family history and early detection in preventing colorectal cancer.
Page last reviewed: February 8, 2021