Cancer Survivorship Care Plans

What to know

A survivorship care plan is a record of your cancer and treatment history, as well as any checkups or follow-up tests you need in the future. It may also list possible long-term effects of your treatments, and ideas for staying healthy.

Photo of a nurse discussing a survivorship care plan with a patient

How can I use a survivorship care plan?

A survivorship care plan includes important information about your cancer and treatment, which helps you and your doctors understand each other. Bring it with you whenever you go to the doctor.

Your plan should say when you need to get follow-up tests, and which doctors are responsible for your care. Keep your plan and refer to it so you can be sure you get the tests you need.

How to get a survivorship care plan

Your cancer treatment team may give you a survivorship care plan during your cancer treatment, or when you finish your treatment. If you would like one but did not get one, ask a member of your treatment team about it.

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