Personal Story: Emily and Caroline

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Managing your breast cancer risk is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Sisters Caroline and Emily may have chosen different paths, but their support for each other is unwavering.

Emily and Caroline with their mother

Emily and Caroline's story

Emily and Caroline
"I’m glad I found out that I have a BRCA mutation early in life, so I can move forward in the best way for me." —Emily

After our mother got breast cancer, we both tested positive for a BRCA2 gene mutation. From there, we each took different paths to manage our risk.

Caroline: choosing preventive surgery

In one of my breast cancer screenings, my doctor found something abnormal in my breast and recommended I get surgery so they could look at it more closely.

I decided that since I was already having surgery, I would remove both of my breasts to prevent cancer.

It was an emotional decision. Losing my breasts felt like losing a part of myself. But I didn't want to go through life always wondering if my next screening was going to find cancer.

With the peace of mind knowing I took steps to reduce my risk, I feel I can fully focus on my family.

Emily: choosing frequent screenings

When I first learned of my BRCA gene mutation, I was just transitioning into adult life and didn't feel ready to get preventive surgery to remove my breasts.

I decided to continue frequent breast cancer screenings and reconsider having surgery when I was older.

I am glad I learned my breast cancer risk because it allows me to make decisions that are best for me.

Supporting each other

Learning we had a high risk of breast cancer was hard, but we found comfort in turning to each other for emotional support. Getting advice and talking through our decisions has helped us along our health journeys and beyond.

Emily and Caroline: Do What Works Best for You

When Emily and Caroline found out their mom had a BRCA gene mutation, they decided to get tested themselves. From there, they took different paths. Find out how these sisters and their mom support one another, and how one size doesn’t always fit all when managing your breast cancer risk.

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