Personal Story: Carletta

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The story of Carletta, who was 41 years old and training for a triathlon when she received her breast cancer diagnosis.


Carletta's story

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41. As a survivor, I’m committed to working toward my health goals and giving back to the community that helped me through treatment.

Carletta at home
"The biggest thing is not accepting cancer as the definition of who I am." —Carletta.

The highs and lows of being a survivor

Carletta’s Breast Cancer Story: A Decade After Diagnosis

Ten years after her breast cancer diagnosis, Carletta looks back on how her definition of bravery has changed. She discusses how she managed the highs and lows of being a cancer survivor and learned how to ask for help.

Carletta: Managing Survivor Guilt

A decade after her breast cancer battle, Carletta unpacks the complex feelings of guilt and gratitude that many survivors struggle with. Carletta describes how she's found comfort in embracing empathy for others while also being grateful for her own journey.

Carletta: Supporting Survivors

The breast cancer journey is never easy, but having a support system can make a big difference. Carletta, a 10-year breast cancer survivor, says meeting survivors wherever they're at emotionally is key to being a supportive friend or partner.

Carletta: Why Words Matter

Not all cancer survivors feel like they are "superheroes" or "brave." In this video, Carletta, a breast cancer survivor herself, explains the importance of using words that uplift rather than add pressure.

The value of a strong support system

Asking for and accepting help as a patient and survivor was difficult for me. But I recognized over time that my friends and family wanted to help—they just weren't always sure how. I just needed to let them know.

One of the best ways that my friends helped me was by encouraging me to be honest with my feelings. I wasn't always feeling positive, and that was okay.

I use my experience to offer the same love and encouragement to my friends affected by cancer.

Carletta's Motivated Moment‎

Carletta found the strength to beat breast cancer by mapping out her own strategy. Listen to her story and be inspired to take control of your breast health.

Giving back to the breast cancer community

I am thankful for the support I got from breast cancer groups throughout my diagnosis and treatment.

I give back to this community through volunteering and serving on executive boards. Through my involvement, I ensure these groups meet the unique needs of survivors and minority women.