Summary Matrix of Calculated Variables (CV) in the 2016 Data File

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
2016, Summary Martix

Description or Result
of Calculation
Input Variables
(From Questionnaire)
Description of Field and
SAS Variable Name
Output Variables
(In Final Data Set)
Section 1: Health Status
CV for fair or poor general health GENHLTH   _RFHLTH
Section 4: Exercise
CV for no leisure time physical activity EXERANY2   _TOTINDA
Section 6: Chronic Health Conditions
CV for respondents that reported having coronary heart disease or mycardial infarction CVDINFR4, CVDCRHD4   _MICHD
CV for lifetime asthma prevalence ASTHMA3   _LTASTH1
CV for current asthma prevalence ASTHMA3, ASTHNOW   _CASTHM1
Computed asthma status ASTHMA3, ASTHNOW   _ASTHMS1
Section 7: Oral Health
CV for having had permanent teeth extracted RMVTETH3   _EXTETH2
CV for having had all permanent teeth extracted AGE, RMVTETH3   _ALTETH2
Section 8: Demographics
18-24 and then 5-year age groupings to 80+. AGE   _AGEG5YR
18-64 and 65+ age groupings. AGE   _AGE65YR
18-64 and 65+ 10 year age groupings. AGE _IMPAGE _AGE_G
Calculated number of children in household CHILDREN   _CHLDCNT
Calculated education level completed EDUCA   _EDUCAG
Calculated income categories INCOME2   _INCOMG
Section 9: Tobacco Use
Smoking Status: Everyday smoker, someday smoker, former smoker and non smoker SMOKE100, SMOKDAY2   _SMOKER3
CV for current smoking status SMOKE100, SMOKDAY2 _SMOKER3 _RFSMOK3
Section 11: Alcohol Consumption
Drink occasions per day ALCDAY5   DROCDY3_
CV for BINGE drinking (males GE 5 drinks on an occasion, females GE 4 drinks on an occasion) ALCDAY5, DRNK3GE5   _RFBING5
Section 12: Immunization
CV for respondent aged 65 and older that have ever had a pneumonia vaccine PNEUVAC3   _PNEUMO2
Section 14: Seatbelt Use
CV for Always/Nearly Always wear seatbelt SEATBELT   _RFSEAT2
CV for Alwayswear seatbelt SEATBELT   _RFSEAT3
Section 15: Drinking and Driving
Drinking and Driving calculated variable DRNKDRI2   _DRNKDRV
Section 16: Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening
CV for women age 40 and older that have not had a mammogram in past 2 years HADMAMM, HOWLONG, SEX, AGE   _RFMAM2Y

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