Support ALS Research by Telling Your Story

Support ALS Research by telling your story

Tell Your Story with Risk Factor Surveys

The National ALS Registry gives people living with ALS the opportunity to share their story and help further research by completing risk factor surveys.

There are 18 different surveys, and each asks about different topics, such as:

  • Environmental exposures—where you worked or lived
  • Job history
  • Military History
  • Physical Activity
  • Pesticide Use
  • Head and Neck Injuries

The Importance of Completing the Risk Factor Surveys

  • Your story provides crucial information for the Registry. As more people with ALS complete these surveys, the Registry has more data. Every piece of data helps researchers better understand the disease and its possible causes.
  • Researchers across the world can use these data for studies.

ALS Research Counts on You.

Common Questions

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