Communications Campaign

Drink Less, Be Your Best

Excessive alcohol use is linked with a number of short- and long-term public health problems, including cancers, mental health concerns, injuries, violence, unintended pregnancy, and social and employment problems. Drink Less, Be Your Best is a digital mass communications campaign that encourages US adults who drink excessively to drink less to improve their quality of life, relationships, and health. Engaging with the campaign prompts individuals to check their drinking levels, identify their motivators and barriers to drinking less, and develop a personalized plan to drink less. This campaign aims to reach the millions of US adults who drink too much. While the campaign messages were not developed for individuals who have an alcohol use disorder, resources are provided for those individuals who need help locating specialized services or treatment. Visit to learn more.

Embed these graphics and videos on your Web site, email signature, blog, or social networking site to spread the word. To download images, right click on the image and click “Save picture as” or “Save image as.”

Your son was embarrassed (strike that) excited when you arrived for his baseball game. Drink Less, Be Your Best.
You're spending (strike that) saving $300 a month.
You keep making excuses (strike that) progress.
Once again, you woke up feeling guilty (strike that) great the next morning.
You made your daughter feel terrified (strike that) terrific at her 7th birthday party.
Be a memory (strike that) around for your grandchildren. Drink Less, Be Your Best.
Do you want to spend your golden years living with (dis)ease?
This has seriously (strained) saved our relationship.
Here's to (forgotten) unforgettable nights with friends.
Want to check your alcohol use? This quick assessment can help you check. Visit

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