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ExIS Functionality

The VTrckS ExIS (External Information System) interface is a means for awardees to upload provider master data, inventory data, and vaccine requests from their Immunization Information System (IIS) to VTrckS. ExIS also allows the awardee to download shipping information from VTrckS to import into their IIS.

ExIS awardees already rely on their IIS to collect and consolidate data from vaccination providers and to sustain effective immunization strategies through the use of clinical decision support, vaccination coverage reports, interoperability with electronic health record systems, vaccine inventory management, and reminder/recall messages. Adding IIS ordering functionality as part of an interface between VTrckS and the IIS builds on existing relationships with providers and provides an additional incentive for vaccination providers to participate in IIS while promoting greater accountability for publicly-purchased vaccine.

Here is an overview of the process:

Figure 1 describes the ExIS information lifecycle. The lifecycle begins when providers enter information into their ExIS. The Awardee creates and exports comma separated value files, also known as .csv files containing provider master data, provider inventory data and provider order data. The information is sent to VTrckS, where the awardee will upload these files within VTrckS. The awardee will process rejected orders and download files containing provider shipment data. The provider shipment data in VTrckS is sent back to the awardee and the awardee imports the file into their ExIS. This concludes the ExIS information lifecycle.

ExIS Benefits in VTrckS

There are additional benefits for ExIS users in VTrckS. Users will be able to:

  • Create multiple orders from a single file upload
  • Receive shipment data for both direct and non-direct ship orders
  • Analyze data using SAP Business Objects reports if their IIS does not already have needed reporting capabilities


Providers Ordering Through ExIS

Providers that order through their awardee’s ExIS will not have access to VTrckS. 

  • Providers will continue to place vaccine requests as they do today
  • No identify-proofing or VTrckS provider training is necessary

ExIS awardees can export a file with shipment information from VTrckS, as well as continuing to receive the shipment data file from McKesson. Please note that the shipment data file contains information for both non-direct and direct ship vaccine. Providers who have trouble accessing the awardee’s IIS will need to contact the awardee for assistance.


ExIS Provider Returns, Transfer, Wastage or Order Changes

The VTrckS ExIS interface does not yet handle returns, transfers, wastage, or order changes, although some of this functionality is targeted to be added during 2014. Currently, however, the awardee will enter these transactions directly into VTrckS.


ExIS Specifications in VTrckS

The ExIS interface needs to meet the VTrckS ExIS specifications, including CSV file formatting, NDC, lot number inventory reporting, and other reporting requirements. CDC will inform the awardee with information regarding the ExIS technical requirements.

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