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Seven Deadly Myths: Myth 4

"Sure I smoke but at least I don’t do drugs, have unsafe sex, or get drunk."

Length : 0 Min 40 Sec

Myth 4 video


(Video of an ashtray with cigarette emitting smoke. Title reads Myth #4: Sure I smoke but at least I don’t do drugs, have unsafe sex, or get drunk.)

Background Voice: Sure I smoke, but at least I don’t do drugs, have unsafe sex, or get drunk.

Screen: head shot silhouette of someone smoking.

Background Noise: Police Siren

Christy Turlington: Every year tobacco kills more Americans, than all of those who die from AIDS, illegal drugs, alcohol, car crashes, homicide and suicide combined.

Screen: Doctor’s hand holding a healthy human lung.

Doctor’s Voice: This is a healthy human lung.

Screen: Doctors holding a bad lung.

Doctor’s Voice: This is the lung removed from a patient that had emphysema.

Doctor Speaking: The worst addiction that we have is cigarette smoking.

Screen: Starting of a lighter

Screen: Smoke filled air.

Screen: Burning cigarette.

Screen: Head shot of someone smoking.

Christy Turlington: Lets get this straight; tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death by far. Almost half of all long-term smokers will be killed by tobacco.

Screen: Hospital patient being wheeled into room.

Screen: Zooming in of empty emergency room bed.

Background Noise: Heart monitor.

Christy Turlington: Some deaths cannot be prevented; tobacco deaths are completely preventable.

Heart Monitor beeps one last time.



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