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Worker Health Study Summaries

Research on long-term exposure

At NIOSH, we feel it is important to share information about our studies. This page provides summaries of worker health studies that have been done over the years.

These summaries, or worker notifications, were sent to those workers who were included in each study. We cannot reduce past exposures, but knowing about possible health problems can allow for better health monitoring and early disease detection. Most illnesses are treatable or manageable if found early. We hope those workers who are still exposed to these materials will become more aware of possible health effects and take steps to better protect themselves.

If you work with any chemical or possible hazardous material, always tell your doctor. Informing your doctor of job exposures can allow for better health monitoring to reduce future health problems.

If you have any questions about these study summaries, contact us by calling 800-CDC-INFO.

NOTICE: Many of these are NIOSH Archive Documents, and may not represent current NIOSH Policy.

Study summaries by exposure

1,3 Butadiene (1,3 Butadiene Production Workers)

2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (1) [TCDD (Dioxin) Manufacturers (twelve Plants)]

2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (2) [TCDD (Dioxin) Manufacturers (two plants NJ, MO)]

4,4'-diaminostibene-2,2'-disulfic acid (DAS) (Stilbene Manufacturers)

Acid Mist (Steel Workers)

Antimony (Antimony Smelters) en español

Asbestos (Asbestos Textile, Friction, and Packing Plant Workers)

Asbestos/Vermiculite (Construction Renovation/Insulation)

Beryllium (Beryllium Processors) Fact Sheet and Poster 2011

Beryllium (Beryllium Processors)

Beta-napthylamine (Synthetic Dye Manufacturers)

Cadmium (Cadmium Recovery Workers)

Carbon Disulfide (Tire and Rubber Company(1))

Carbon monoxide (Toll Collectors and Tunnel Officers)

Chemical exposures (chemical laboratory workers at nuclear facilities)

Chlorinated Napthalenes (Navy Cable Manufacturers)

Diesel Exhaust (Fact Sheet)

Dinitrotoluene and Formaldehyde (Munitions Workers)

Electromagnetic fields (Video Display Terminal Operators)

Ethylene Oxide (Sterilization of Medical Instruments and Treatment of Spices)

Formaldehyde (1) (Embalming Students)

Formaldehyde (2) (Garment Workers)

fluorocarbon FC 113 (Freon® 113) (Aerospace workers)

Insecticides (Chloropyrifos) (Termite Applicators)

Lead (1) (Lead Immunologic Findings)

Lead (2) (Lead Smelters)

Lead (3) (California's Lead-Exposed Construction Workers - Children of; Take-home Exposure)

Methyl Bromide/Sulfuryl Fluoride (Structural Fumigators) en español

Methylene Chloride (Furniture Strippers)

Organic Solvents (Dry Cleaners) en español

Organic Solvents (Perchloroethylene) (Dry Cleaners) en español

Organophosphate Pesticides (Pesticide Applicators) en español

O-Toluidine (Tire and Rubber Company)

Pentachlorophenol [PCP] (Production Workers - Wood Preservative) 2011

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) (Electrical Capacitor Manufacturing Workers)

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) (Electrical Capacitor Manufacturing Workers - Women)

Polychlorinated biphenyls (Electrical Capacitors)

Radiation (Nuclear Workers at five DOE sites)

Radiation (Nuclear Workers at the Fernald Feed Materials Production Center) 2013

Radiation (Nuclear Workers at the K-25 plant in Oak Ridge)

Radiation (Nuclear Workers at the Savannah River Site)

Radiation and shift work (Flight Attendants) 2012

Radiofrequency Heat Sealer Operators (Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy)

Radon (Nuclear Workers)

Silica (1) (Gold Miners)

Silica (2) (Industrial Sand Workers)

Talc (Talc Miners and Millers)

Toluene (Shoe Manufacturers)

Uranium (1) (Uranium Miners)

Uranium (2) (Uranium Millers)

Wood Dust (Wood Model Makers)

Study summaries by job industry

Aerospace workers (fluorocarbon FC 113 (Freon® 113))

Asbestos Textile, Friction, and Packing Plant Workers (asbestos)

1,3 Butadiene Production Workers (1,3 butadiene)

Antimony Smelters (Antimony) en español

Beryllium Processors (Beryllium)   Fact Sheet and Poster 2011

Beryllium Processors (Beryllium)

Cadmium Recovery Workers (Cadmium)

California's Lead-Exposed Construction Workers - Children of; Take-home Exposure (3) (Lead)

chemical laboratory workers at nuclear facilities (Chemical exposures)

Dry Cleaner (1) (Organic Solvents)

Dry Cleaner (2) (percholorethylene) en español

Electrical Capacitor Manufacturing Workers (1) (Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s))

Electrical Capacitor Manufacturing Workers  (Women)  ( Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs))

Electrical Capacitors (Polychlorinated biphenyls)

Embalming Students (1) (Formaldehyde)

Flight Attendants (Radiation and shift work) 2012

Furniture Strippers (Methylene Chloride)

Garment Workers (2) (Formaldehyde)

Gold Miners (Silica)

Industrial Sand Workers (Silica)

Lead Immunologic Findings (1) (Lead)

Lead Smelters (2) (Lead)

Microelectronics and Business Machine Manufacturing Workers in Endicott, NY (Overview) (FAQ) 2014

Munitions Workers (Dinitrotoluene)

National Football League Players (Heart Disease) 2012

National Football League Players (Brain and Nervous System Disorders) 2013

Nuclear Workers (radon)

Nuclear Workers at five DOE sites (Radiation)

Nuclear Workers at the Fernald Feed Materials Production Center (Radiation) 2013

Nuclear Workers at the Savannah River Site (Radiation)

Nuclear Workers at the K-25 plant in Oak Ridge (Radiation)

Navy Cable Manufacturers (Chlorinated Naphthalenes)

Paperboard Packaging

Pesticide Applicators (Organophosphate) en español

Production Workers – Wood Preservative (Pentachlorophenol [PCP]) 2011

Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy (Radiofrequency Heat Sealer Operators)

Shoe Manufacturers (Toluene)

Steel Workers (Acid Mist)

Sterilization of Medical Instruments and Treatment of Spices (Ethylene Oxide)

Stilbene Manufacturers (4,4'-diaminostibene-2,2'-disulfic acid (DAS))

Structural Fumigators (methyl bromide/sulfuryl fluoride) en español

Synthetic Dye Manufacturers (Beta-napthylamine)

Talc Miners and Millers (Talc)

TCDD (Dioxin) Manufacturers (twelve Plants) (Dioxin)

TCDD (Dioxin) Manufacturers (two plants NJ, MO) (Dioxin)

Termite Applicators (Chloropyrifos)

Tire and Rubber Company (1) (Carbon disulfide)

Tire and Rubber Company (2) (O-toluidine)

Toll Collectors and Tunnel Officers (Carbon monoxide)

Uranium Miners(1) (Uranium)

Uranium Millers (2) (Uranium)

Video Display Terminal Operators (Electromagnetic Fields)

Wood Model Makers (Wood Dust)

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