Looking Ahead: Improving Our Vision for the Future

Vision and eye problems are increasing as America ages.

90 million Americans over 40 have vision and eye problems.
That’s more than 3 in 5.

3 in 5 people

By 2050, without effective interventions:

  • Diabetic retinopathy will increase 72%

  • Cataracts will increase 87%

  • Glaucoma will increase 100%

  • Age-related macular degeneration will increase 100%

  • Vision impairment and blindness will increase 150%

cost of vision problems up 157%26#37; to $373 billion

Vision loss touches every part of people’s lives.

People with vision loss are more likely to have:

insulin monitor

Type 2 Diabetes

sad face


head and brain



Hearing loss


Chronic kidney disease

Vision loss is also related to:

figure alone on sofa


figure off-balance

Balance problems

figure tripping on stair

Falls and fall-related injuries

RIP tombstone

Risk of early death

Access to eye care + Early detection = Improved vision health + Lower costs

CDC’s Vision Health Initiative

  • ASSESSES the impact of vision loss and identifies populations at risk

  • Uses APPLIED public health research to develop evidence-based interventions and understand the costs of vision loss

  • AIMS to increase awareness of vision and eye health, improve access to vision care, and promote the health of people with vision loss

  • ADVANCES vision and eye health as a public health priority through support of state and territorial health department activities