This page provides access to the weekly COVID-19, flu, and RSV vaccination dashboards. These dashboards provide in-depth vaccination data from a variety of data sources including surveys, healthcare claims, electronic medical records, and immunization information systems data. Select from the options below for the vaccine of interest. Please visit VaxView Vaccination Coverage | CDC  for data on routine vaccinations.

Vaccination coverage is the estimated percentage of people who have received specific vaccines. Vaccination coverage information is used to identify areas and groups with lower vaccination coverage so public health departments, healthcare partners, and schools can take action to help improve vaccination coverage and protect everyone from vaccine-preventable diseases. During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), CDC tracked nearly all COVID-19 vaccines administered. However, the end of the PHE limits the completeness of COVID-19 vaccine administration data CDC receives. As a result, survey data are now the primary source for tracking vaccination coverage for COVID-19, RSV, and flu. Other available data sources will be used to provide additional insight into the vaccination landscape.


Monitoring coverage for recommended vaccinations across the country helps CDC assess how well local areas, states, and the nation are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. Find vaccination coverage data at:

Protect yourself from COVID-19, Flu, and RSV
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It is common to get sick from respiratory viruses such as COVID-19, flu, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), especially in the fall and winter. There are actions you can take to protect yourself and others. Learn about whether you’re more likely to get seriously ill, how to prevent these viruses, and if these viruses are spreading in your community.