Multi-Vaccine VIS Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Vaccine VIS for Patients

This page addresses questions and answers concerning use of the “Multi-Vaccine VIS.” If you have a question about this document that is not answered here, please contact us.

Q: Why was a Multi-Vaccine VIS developed?

A: It was developed with the earliest pediatric visits (i.e., birth through 6 months) in mind. Up to 6 vaccinations could be given during these visits, meaning (for the provider) that 6 individual VISs would have to be downloaded, printed and distributed and (for the patient) 6 documents would have to be read, containing much information that is duplicated. The multi-vaccine VIS is an effort to simplify and streamline this process.


Q: May the existing, single-vaccine VISs still be used?

A: Yes. The Multi-Vaccine VIS an optional alternative to existing VISs. Providers wishing to continue using the individual VISs may do so. These will continue to be updated when recommendations change, as they have always been.


Q: Must all 5 vaccines covered by this VIS be given at the same visit for the Multi-Vaccine VIS to be used?

A: No. Any time two or more of the vaccines are given together, it makes sense to use the Multi-Vaccine VIS. The provider should check the appropriate boxes on the first page, corresponding to vaccines given during that visit.


Q: Is it necessary to check the boxes?

A: Yes. It gives the parents a written record of which vaccines were administered.wer


Q: May the Multi-Vaccine VIS be used with combination vaccines, such as Pediarix or Comvax?

A: Yes. Just check the appropriate boxes as you would if you were administrating the individual vaccines.


Q: When we record the edition date of the VISs in the patient’s medical record, do we record the date on the Multi-Vaccine VIS or the dates for the individual VISs?

A: If you use the Multi-Vaccine VIS, record its date for each of the vaccines given that day. If there is ever a question, this will make it clear that the Multi-Vaccine VIS was used and not the individual VISs.


Q: Can the Multi-Vaccine VIS be used for children older than 6 months, or for adolescents or adults getting any of these same vaccines?

A: It may be used for older children getting two or more of these vaccines during the same visit (e.g., a 12-month old getting Hib and PCV, or a 4-year old getting DTaP and IPV). However it should not be used for adolescents or adults. The information on this document applies to pediatric use of the vaccines. Risk factors that apply only to older persons, for example, are not discussed on this VIS. The individual VISs should be used.


Q: May the Multi-Vaccine VIS be used for catch-up doses?

A: Yes, as long as the doses are given to children as part of the primary series or routine pediatric boosters.


Q: The Multi-Vaccine VIS covers “pneumococcal” vaccine. Is it just for PCV13, or may it also be used when PPV23 is given to children?

A: It was designed with pneumocococcal conjugate vaccines specifically in mind. For PPSV23, use the pneumococcal polysaccharide VIS.


Q: Will there be other Multi-Vaccine VISs, for example, for vaccines administered at 12-months or during the pre-school or adolescent-visits?

A: Possibly. If this VIS becomes popular with providers, we would like to develop multi-vaccine VISs for other situations in which several vaccines are administered at the same visit.


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