Healthcare Professionals

National Immunization Awareness Month is the perfect time to protect your patients from serious vaccine-preventable diseases by providing effective recommendations and answering questions.

  • Evaluate every patient’s vaccine needs and follow recommended immunization schedules.
  • Explain which vaccines patients need at every appointment and why.
  • Empower your team to encourage vaccination.
  • Provide resources to patients and parents.

Discussing the Importance of Vaccination at Every Stage of Life

Female doctor talking with pregnant woman

Pregnant women look to their ob-gyn as a trusted guide to keep them and their babies safe. Learn more:

Talking to Your Pregnant Patients about Vaccines

Resources for Educating Pregnant Women

Early Childhood
Female doctor examining baby with mother

Immunization is key to protecting children from 14 harmful diseases before they turn 2 years old, and healthcare professionals are the key to ensuring on-time vaccination. Get tips for talking to parents:

About Vaccine Conversations with Parents

Educate Parents About the Diseases Vaccines Prevent

Male doctor talking with mother and female child

HPV causes about 27,000 cases of cancer a year. Two doses of HPV vaccine at 11 and 12 will provide long-lasting protection. Learn more:

Talking to Parents About HPV Vaccine

What Parents Should Know About HPV Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

Male doctor talking with male patient

Most adults are not aware they need vaccines throughout their lives. Use these resources to educate patients on vaccination:

Standards for Adult Immunization

Educating Your Adult Patients

More Resources for Making Vaccine Recommendations
Learn more about vaccines and vaccine safety and download materials to share with your patients.