At a glance

The STAND STEADI Video Series highlights how healthcare providers and public health professionals across the country are using elements of STEADI to reduce falls among older adults. Pharmacists, physical therapists, hospitals, and city health departments are just a few of the individuals and organizations working to prevent falls among older adults.

STAND STEADI: Fall Prevention in Inpatient Settings

STAND STEADI: Aging and Deprescribing Medications

STAND STEADI: Motivational Interviewing with Older Adult Patients

STAND STEADI: Local Health Department’s Role in Fall Prevention

STAND STEADI: STEADI-based fall prevention by telemedicine

STAND STEADI: Impact of Medication and Alcohol on Falls and Injuries

STAND STEADI: Community Fall Prevention Programs

STAND STEADI: Practical Strategies for Fall Prevention

STAND STEADI: Successful Fall Prevention Leads to Better Outcomes

STAND STEADI: Training a Multidisciplinary Team for Fall Prevention

STAND STEADI: A Focus on Inpatient Discharge

STAND STEADI: Role of Community Pharmacists in Fall Prevention

STAND STEADI: Encouraging Fall Prevention Across the Healthcare Team

Stand STEADI: Fall Prevention in a Geriatric Emergency Department

Stand STEADI: Leveraging Health Department Data for Community Fall Prevention