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Table 9. Chlamydia - Reported Cases and Rates in Counties and Independent Cities* Ranked by Number of Reported Cases, United States, 2011

This web page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being updated. Newer data is available on the STD Data and Statistics page.

Rank†County/Independent CityCasesRate per 100,000 PopulationCumulative Percentage
1Los Angeles County, CA50,542514.83
2Cook County, IL36,769707.86
3Harris County, TX21,631528.67
4Philadelphia County, PA20,4711,341.59
5Kings County, NY20,123803.410
6Wayne County, MI19,8001,087.611
7Bronx County, NY18,0371,302.213
8Dallas County, TX17,265729.114
9Maricopa County, AZ16,667436.615
10San Diego County, CA15,346495.816
11Queens County, NY12,930579.617
12New York County, NY12,562792.118
13Bexar County, TX11,904694.219
14San Bernardino County, CA10,947537.920
15Milwaukee County, WI10,8641,146.320
16Cuyahoga County, OH10,301804.721
17Shelby County, TN9,8021,056.722
18Riverside County, CA9,802447.723
19Sacramento County, CA9,331657.723
20Marion County, IN9,1181,009.324
21Miami-Dade County, FL8,827353.624
22Clark County, NV8,337427.325
23Tarrant County, TX8,053445.226
24Orange County, CA8,010266.126
25Baltimore (City), MD7,8371,262.127
26Mecklenburg County, NC7,518817.527
27Fulton County, GA7,456809.928
28Franklin County, OH7,412637.128
29Hillsborough County, FL7,290593.129
30Broward County, FL7,091405.629
31Alameda County, CA7,040466.130
32Washington, D.C.6,5851,094.430
33Hamilton County, OH6,449803.731
34King County, WA6,386330.731
35Travis County, TX6,309616.032
36Suffolk County, MA6,212860.432
37Prince George's County, MD6,086704.933
38Orange County, FL6,076530.233
39Allegheny County, PA6,000490.533
40Orleans County, LA5,9701,736.334
41Fresno County, CA5,960640.634
42Duval County, FL5,939687.235
43Santa Clara County, CA5,764323.535
44Hennepin County, MN5,719496.335
45Jackson County, MO5,676841.936
46Jefferson County, AL5,636855.936
47Kern County, CA5,590665.837
48St. Louis County, MO5,548555.437
49Denver County, CO5,533921.937
50Essex County, NJ5,263671.338
51Jefferson County, KY5,125691.538
52Guilford County, NC5,0931,042.839
53Erie County, NY5,065551.139
54DeKalb County, GA5,053730.339
55Monroe County, NY5,009672.940
56Wake County, NC4,961550.640
57Honolulu County, HI4,794502.940
58San Francisco County, CA4,778593.441
59St. Louis (City), MO4,6421,453.841
60El Paso County, TX4,528565.541
61Contra Costa County, CA4,404419.842
62Hartford County, CT4,223472.442
63Pierce County, WA4,184526.142
64New Haven County, CT4,123478.043
65Pima County, AZ4,078416.043
66Davidson County, TN4,062648.243
67Multnomah County, OR3,957538.143
68Bell County, TX3,9511,273.644
69Bernalillo County, NM3,870584.144
70Pinellas County, FL3,868422.044

*Accounting for 44% of reported chlamydia cases.

† Counties and independent cities were ranked in descending order by number of cases reported in 2011.

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