ScreenOutCancer in Action

If you’re looking for ideas on how your health system can increase cancer screening rates for patients, check out these success stories.

Oregon resident Maria De Lourdes Navarro

Community health workers in Oregon helped 191 women get the cancer screening tests they needed.

January is cervical cancer awareness month. Honor every woman. Please join the Honor Every Woman team in wearing teal every Tuesday in January 2021!

Several organizations worked together to help women in the Oglala Sioux Tribe get screened for breast and cervical cancer.

Photo of a doctor talking to a patient

Staff members give doctors a list of the patients who have an appointment that day and the preventive care services they need, including cancer screening tests.

Photo of a receptionist helping patient fill out a form at medical clinic

The Guam Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program allowed women to sign up at one of its three partner clinics.

Photo of a woman reading a letter

In Iowa, a community health worker increased screening by sending reminder letters to 110 women.

Closeup photo of a T-shirt to promote colorectal cancer screening. It shows a poop emoji saying, Ask me why I'm smiling.

A St. Petersburg clinic more than doubled its colorectal cancer screening rates by reaching out to patients more directly and helping them overcome barriers to care.

Photo of a person measuring the height of a sign in a mammography clinic to ensure it is accessible to all patients.

Cancer program staff in Vermont helped state clinics improve accessibility for patients with disabilities, which helped all patients.

Photo of the White Eagle Health Center

Cancer program and clinic staff worked together to improve screening practices for Native Americans in Oklahoma.

Photo of Ms. Maria Barrera making a presentation

More immigrants got screened for breast and cervical cancer when patient navigators in Philadelphia helped them overcome barriers.

Page last reviewed: November 10, 2021