What CDC Is Doing About Prostate Cancer

What to know

CDC is working to reduce prostate cancer in several ways.

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CDC's prostate cancer activities include:

  • Conducting research and developing materials to communicate about prostate cancer screening and treatment. See CDC's prostate cancer research.
  • Enhancing prostate cancer data in cancer registries, especially information about the grade and stage of disease at the time of diagnosis, patterns of care, and the race and ethnicity of men with prostate cancer.
  • Developing communication tools and decision aids related to prostate cancer. See Talk to Nathan.
  • Sponsoring research on men's and health care providers' knowledge and awareness of prostate cancer screening.
  • Monitoring the prostate cancer activities identified in local comprehensive cancer control plans.
  • Participating in conferences, workshops, and seminars to foster collaboration with partners.

These prevention activities advance CDC's overarching goal of helping everyone live better, longer lives.