About the Preventive Medicine Residency and Fellowship

What to know

  • CDC's Preventive Medicine Residency and Fellowship (PMR/F) program is no longer accepting new applicants.
  • The program will close July 1, 2024. For historical information about the program, please visit the CDC Archive.


Since 1972, CDC has trained approximately 450 general preventive medicine and public health practitioners. These professionals have learned how to link their skills in clinical medicine with population-based health.

Graduates assume a variety of leadership positions at CDC, including serving as director and deputy director of the agency. They also serve in leadership roles at state/local health departments, universities, and private firms.

Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds

The Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds is a lecture series that works with PMR/F. The series focuses on applying systems-based approaches to prepare public health leaders to address major population health issues. The goal is to provide a learning forum with real life public health projects that reinforce leadership and management skills.

This series is designed for:

  • Preventive medicine residents and faculty
  • Public health leaders and managers
  • Physicians, registered nurses, and veterinarians; and
  • Health practitioners working to improve the health of populations

The final Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds session will be held on June 5, 2024.

Access previous lectures in the CDC Archive.