Medicine and Pregnancy

Almost every pregnant person will face a decision about taking medicines before and during pregnancy. Many people need to take medicine to stay healthy during pregnancy.  However, not all medicines are safe to take during pregnancy. Some medicines may cause birth defects, pregnancy loss, prematurity, infant death, or developmental disabilities. CDC aims to improve the health of people and their babies by identifying the safest treatment options for common conditions before, during, and after pregnancy.

Why should you care about medicine and pregnancy?
In the United States, 9 in 10 women take medicine during pregnancy. Pregnant women ask "Should I keep taking my allergy medicine while pregnant? What should I take to manage my pain while pregnant? Healthcare provider asks, "How should I change my pregnant patient's treatment plan?"

Discover what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is doing to understand and communicate about the use of medicines during pregnancy and ultimately improve the health of pregnant people and their babies.