Application Information

To apply for PHIFP, you must

  • Meet the educational, informatics, public health, and research experience outlined on the Check Eligibility page.
  • Be willing to commit to a 2-year full-time program.
  • Be willing to relocate to your assignment.

Contact the PHIFP program if you have any questions about the PHIFP application process.

Key Dates
August 1, 2022 Application period opens.
December 1, 2022 Application period closes at 11:59 p.m. (EDT).

All applications and supporting materials must be received by the deadline.

Late applications will not be considered. Please see the PHIFP Application Checklist for more information.

February and March 2023  PHIFP Applicant Interviews conducted with CDC PHIFP Host Sites virtually, or by telephone .

Currently, we ask that candidates not interview in person.

March 2023 Programs make final selections and Candidates are Notified of their acceptance into PHIFP.
March-June 2023 Program conducts onboarding for accepted candidates.
August – September 2023 PHIFP Assignments Begin and fellows participate in a two-week orientation.