Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be paid?

Yes, fellows are paid. Those holding a doctoral level degree who begin their fellowship program in the Classes of 2018 and beyond are paid the equivalent of a GS 12, Step 3 salary. Those holding a master’s level degree are paid the equivalent of a GS 11, Step 3 salary. Fellows may be eligible for a salary increase after one year of appointment, based on performance and written recommendation by appropriate management officials. See the Office of Personnel Management Salary Tableexternal icon for more information. Relocation expenses are not authorized for those who begin their fellowship program in the Classes of 2018 and beyond.

Will I be a CDC employee?

Yes. You will be a temporary employee of CDC during the fellowship. You will receive some employment benefits (e.g., vacation time) and must pay taxes on your income.

Are international candidates eligible for PHIFP?

Yes. International candidates are eligible for the program and are required to have the appropriate visa before starting the program.

Will I need to relocate?

Yes. Fellows are required to relocate to their assignment location. Most assignments are at CDC Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, however relocation may be required to one of the assignment locations listed below:

  • Washington, DC
  • Fort Collins or Denver, Colorado
  • Hyattsville, Maryland
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Assignments may also occur in other locations.

Will I be required to travel?

Travel is not required for all assignments. However, you may have the opportunity to travel for short-term assignments throughout the United States and internationally.

Where will I be assigned?

You will be assigned to work in various programs throughout CDC. Placement depends on a best fit between your interests and skills and your placement program’s needs. A sincere effort is made to best to match fellows with assignments that will provide them with the greatest opportunities for professional development