Commercial Ice Maker Users

Note: This information supersedes the “Issuing and Rescinding a Boil Water Advisory” portion of the Cryptosporidium and Water Handbook.

During A Boil Water Advisory

Discard ice made prior to the boil water advisory issuance and discontinue making ice. Use commercially-manufactured ice.

When the Boil Water Advisory is Cancelled

  • Flush the water line to the machine inlet:
    1. Close the valve on the water line behind the machine and disconnect the water line from the machine inlet.
    2. Open the valve, run 5 gallons of water through the valve, and dispose of the water.
    3. Close the valve.
  • Replace any in-line filters.
  • Flush the water lines in the machine:
    1. Reconnect the water line to the machine outlet.
    2. Open the valve.
    3. Turn on the machine.
    4. Make ice for 1 hour and dispose of the ice.
  • Clean and disinfect all parts and surfaces that come in contact with water and ice, following the manufacturer’s instructions.