CDC Hurricane Sandy Recovery Research Grants

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find a list of all the awards and the contacts from the awards?

A: Publically available abstracts and information for all of the CDC-funded projects can be found on the Hurricane Sandy Recovery Research site. For additional information, contact the OPHPR Extramural Research Program.

Q: NIH talked about a system for collecting the Quarterly Program Report (QPR) data. Does CDC have a similar system?

A: CDC does not have a system for collecting QPRs, i.e., eRAC, for comments. QPRs must be submitted to CDC’s Procurement and Grants Office (PGO). However, we ask that you send your signed original QPRs as a PDF via email to expedite the approval process. Awardees should reference their CDC notice of award to identify their CDC Grant Specialist.

Q: Will there be further dialogue on responses to peer review critiques?

A: Any additional issues or concerns will be addressed with individual grantees by Subject Matter Experts through technical assistance.

Q: When will we be notified about the removal of any conditions affecting our awards?

A: If there are any conditions in your notices of award (e.g., IRB concerns and related funding) all necessary documents to address these conditions must be received and approved at CDC. Afterward, a revised notice of award will be issued within 30 days of receipt of the request.

Q: How long should my entries be on Attachment E1?

A: Short answers on Attachment E1 are appropriate since your research aims are identified in your original application.

Q: Can you explain the QPR reporting forms and how we should use the PHS-2590?

A: QPRs are required, but the PHS-2590 form is designed for mid-year and end-of-year reporting. We, therefore, have adapted the PHS-2590 form by truncating reporting forms for the QPR and adding QPR-specific forms. The guidance for QPR reporting will specify the forms to be used.

Q: The reporting forms include a section on Women and Minority Inclusion. Can you explain that?

A: As with all studies, your QPR is expected to include information on the involvement of human subjects in your studies when necessary.

Q: Does the Federal Financial Report (FFR) portion go in with the progress report, or is it also going to go through the online financial system that most FFRs go through?

A: Quarterly FFRs will be submitted with the progress report. Only the final FFR will be submitted electronically through eRA Commons.

Q: For the chart of accounts, do you want a detail of each individual item, or do you want a summary of totals?

A: We would like a summary of totals by cost categories. (i.e., personnel, travel, etc.).

Q: How should we manage personnel expenses that have not obligated on the account as of September 30, 2015?

A: All funds must be obligated and liquidated by September 30, 2015. Therefore, awardees should consider system adaptations or early cut off for the accounts to meet this requirement. There will be no extensions for expenses or expenditures that fall outside of the September 30th date.

Q: Is there a template for the final report?

A: Yes, there is a form template for your final report. It, and specific guidelines for reporting, will be provided within 90 days of the due date.

Q: Why do we need to submit hard copies of the QPR?

A: Submitting a hard copy of the Quarterly Progress Report is a requirement in the funding opportunity announcement (FOA), and it was also listed in your “Terms and Conditions of Award.” We would like to have the original signed copies of all of the documents.

Q: Do we have to put the request for a budget change in the quarterly progress report?

A: No, you do not have to put the budget change request in the quarterly progress report. Please submit any requests for budget changes separately to the CDC Procurement and Grants Office with attention to the Grants Management Specialist whose contact information is listed in your Notice of Award.

Q: When we make a budget request, how long we should anticipate before we’re notified about approval?

A: When you submit a budget change request, it can take up to 30 days to be processed. The request must go through the Procurement and Grants Office for review as well as programmatic review. Once an agreement is reached between PGO and the program, you will be notified regarding the approval status. You will then receive a revised Notice of Award with any changes.

Q: Should I contact the PGO Grants Management Specialist if I haven’t heard anything about my budget request and it’s been longer than 30 days?

A: Yes, you should follow up with the PGO Grants Management Specialist named in your Notice of Award.

Q: Does ASPR or CDC have any update about whether or not extra resources or funding will become available to support collaboration?

A: We understand that ASPR, CDC, and NIEHS are exploring opportunities for how our agencies can support collaboration and exploring what mechanisms might be out there. However, we don’t have any firm information at this time.