#PrepYourHealth Digital Media Toolkits

Prepare Your Health (#PrepYourHealth) Digital Media Toolkits are made available to help preparedness partners, including state, tribal, local, and territorial health departments, communicate the importance of personal health preparedness for natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and other emergencies.

These digital toolkits include sample social media, blog, and newsletter content; graphics; web assets, and links to related resources. Toolkit materials are downloadable, shareable, and some of the material is customizable.

How to Use the Toolkit

Treat this toolkit and these materials as your own. Download, socialize, and localize the content in ways that fit the needs of your channels, messaging, and audience. Please remember to use the #PrepYourHealth hashtag when tweeting out any personal health preparedness-related content.


The following material may be downloaded and distributed without alteration free of charge.


#PrepYourHealth toolkit materials are designed to be shared. We create our toolkits with health communicators at state and local public health departments in mind, but these materials are public information. If you have a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account and an interest in helping CDC to promote personal health preparedness on social media, we hope you too will make frequent and free use of the toolkit.


All toolkit materials are localizable in some way, whether that be by adding your agency’s logo and URL to a print-out or poster or by pairing one of our graphics with a social media message of your own.

Available Toolkits


We welcome your suggestions for future toolkits, ideas for products, invitations to collaborate, and thoughts on how we can improve the usefulness of our messages and the usability of our resources. Please email us at CPRcommunications@cdc.gov with your feedback.

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