Infographic: What is CDC TRAIN?

CDC TRAIN Infographic


A national learning network for agencies and organizations to deliver, track, and share trainings for professionals who protect and improve the public’s health.

How TRAIN works…

  • TRAIN affiliates operate branded TRAIN web portals
    • 27 state agencies (local health departments)
    • 3 federal agencies (CDC, VHA, MARC)
  • Government agencies, universities, and organizations post thousands of trainings
  • More than 1.5 million registered learners from all 50 states, 5 U.S. territories, and 177 other countries
    • Preparedness, healthcare, public health

TRAIN benefits learners…

  • Learners can register on TRAIN at no cost
  • Thousands of courses available in multiple formats
  • Curricula and continuing education available on a variety of topics

TRAIN benefits course providers…

  • List and manage courses on TRAIN at no cost
  • Expand the reach of courses to over 1.5 million learners
  • Share content and identify gaps

TRAIN benefits affiliate members…

  • Share and collaborate around training needs
  • Shape direction and expansion of the TRAIN learning network
  • Administrative access to deliver and track trainings, including content from TRAIN’s national catalog

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