Downtown Chicago Skyline
At a Glance
  • Population: 2,696,555
  • Local Health Departments: N/A
  • Frequent Public Health Emergencies: Extreme Heat, Flooding, Extreme Cold
  • Key Emergency Operations Center Activations:
    2020 – COVID-19 Pandemic
  • CDC PHEP Funding:
    FY 2022: $10,207,392
    FY 2021: $10,070,627
    FY 2020: $9,651,560
  • Public Health Crisis Response Funding:
    Mpox 2023 Funding: $1,057,858
    Mpox 2022 Funding: $603,368
    COVID-19 2021 Funding: $16,756,027
    COVID-19 2020 Funding: $12,205,759
PHEP-Funded Staff
  • Epidemiologists: 4
  • Planners: 8
  • Other: 23*

*Includes IT specialists, administrative staff, statisticians, and other positions

CDC Preparedness Field Staff
  • 1 Career Epidemiology Field Officer
  • 1 Preparedness Field Assignee
Top 5 Preparedness Investments
  1. Medical Materiel Management and Distribution
  2. Public Health Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation
  3. Emergency Operations Coordination
  4. Medical Countermeasure Dispensing and Administration
  5. Information Sharing
Stories from the Field
Chicago Ebola
CDC Protects Chicago Residents from Potential Threat

In Chicago, PHEP developed guidance for first responders to ensure their safety during an emergency. In February 2018, while investigating an incident at an apartment complex, the Chicago Fire Department discovered suspicious laboratory supplies along with samples labeled “Ebola virus.” Because Ebola is a deadly and contagious disease, PHEP-funded staff led an urgent, coordinated response with state, local, and private partners. In less than six hours, they collected and tested 49 samples and confirmed there was no threat of Ebola. Had there been actual Ebola virus among the samples, following the strict guidance developed under PHEP would have kept responders safe from accidental infection.

Chicago Zika
Supporting the Zika Outbreak Response

During 2016, about 1.7 million people from countries and territories in the Western Hemisphere with active Zika transmission passed through Chicago’s airports. Because of this large number of travelers, the Chicago Department of Public Health has handled more than 2,400 individual Zika testing requests since January 2016. Public health Zika testing is performed at the Illinois Department of Public Health laboratory in Chicago. PHEP funding supported Zika media campaigns targeting both the public and healthcare providers, as well as a CDC Career Epidemiology Field Officer (CEFO), who serves as the city health department’s Zika response coordinator.