Affirmative Employment

How is affirmative employment monitored?

Federal agencies are required to report annually on the status of activities undertaken pursuant to its equal employment opportunity program under Title VII and activities undertaken pursuant to its affirmative action obligations under the Rehabilitation Act.

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What is the difference between quotas and placement goals?

Quotas are either a ceiling or a floor for the employment of minorities or women. Placement goals are reasonable attainable objectives or targets that are used to measure progress toward achieving equal employment opportunity.

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What is the difference between affirmative employment and diversity?

Affirmative employment refers to several federal laws that require Federal contractors and subcontractors to take action to ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity for employment, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, and disability. Diversity is a commitment to recognizing and appreciating the unique beliefs, values, skills, attributes, and characteristics of all employees in an environment that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement.

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