CDC/ATSDR 2020 – 2024 EEO Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan Cover

The CDC/ATSDR 2020 – 2024 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Strategic Plan outlines the agency’s future strategic direction toward developing a model EEO program, as defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It outlines the goals, objectives, and strategies necessary for CDC to achieve full compliance with EEO-related statutes, policies, regulations, and other guidance. It also establishes targets and metrics to measure agency-wide progress toward achieving stated goals.

EEO Strategic Plan Goals

The Plan is based on the six essential elements of model EEO programs, and it includes a focus on strengthening the capacity of OEEOWE to support a culture of collaboration, service, and accountability. The goals are listed below:

  • Goal 1: Increase commitment to EEO from Agency leadership
  • Goal 2: Enhance management and program accountability for program implementation
  • Goal 3: Expand proactive prevention of discrimination and elimination of barriers to equal employment opportunity
  • Goal 4: Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of EEO processes and systems to evaluate programs
  • Goal 5: Enhance responsiveness and legal compliance with EEO statutes, regulations, policies, and other guidance
  • Goal 6: Strengthen OEEOWE internal capacity

Organizational Impact

OEEOWE will work closely with CDC leaders at all levels, employee workgroups, external partners, and interested staff to execute the plan, measure progress, share successes, and hold each other accountable. While OEEOWE will take the lead, EEO is an agency-wide responsibility. All CIOs are responsible for implementing and ensuring EEO principles are part of day-to-day operations.