Hazardous Energy Control (Lockout and Other Means)

Save a life - block that energy!

Resource Guide

Our goal is that workers go home each day in the same condition as they came to work. This step-by-step guide offers sample materials and templates to help with the implementation of minimum required elements for a successful Hazardous Energy Control program. Members from the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Manufacturing Sector Council reviewed, adapted and compiled resources to help companies start or improve and maintain their existing Lockout Program

The resources provided are accompanied by templates that will work best if you customize images, text, and data to fit your facility’s specific needs. You can also contact the Council Co-Chair or NORA Coordinator with questions or comments.

Let’s get started! A successful program will consist of 4 main activities:

  1. Energy control procedures;
  2. Employee training;
  3. Auditing or conducting periodic inspections (to ensure that before service and maintenance are performed machines are effectively locked and tagged to prevent their starting); and,
  4. Specifying and acquiring or designing equipment that will accommodate lockout procedures.

These 4 components work best when they are documented in the form of a written procedure. In these links we offer sample written programs with different complexity levels, which could be used, after they are customized to your company needs.