National Wholesale and Retail Trade Agenda

The NORA Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector Council finalized this version of the National Wholesale and Retail Trade Agenda after considering public comments on the previous draft.

The Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector (WRT) was formed by combining the NAICS codes for the wholesale (Sector 42) and the retail sector (44-45). Together they comprise the second largest of the ten NORA program sectors with approximately 20 million workers according to the 2011 Current Population SurveyExternal. In 2009, there were approximately 1.5 million business establishments according to the U.S. Census Bureau Statistics of U.S. BusinessesExternal. These businesses can be sub classified into 146 unique sub-sectors. Although the work performed in the WRT sector is generally considered to be low in risk of injury and death, there are businesses both large and small in this sector that do pose a high risk of injury and death and contribute to the nearly one million preventable injuries each year as well as 500 or more annual fatalities. The WRT sector council has developed six strategic goals, four of which focus on adverse health or exposure conditions, and the remaining two focus on demographic characteristics that contribute to the risk of injury, illness, and death.

Comments on the selected goals are always welcome; they will be considered in future updates of this agenda. The WRT sector council is particularly interested in comments from those organizations and individuals who would commit to advancing one or more of these goals through partnerships. In addition, the council is seeking comments from those who have insights into the impact of these goals and activities on the well being of the workforce. Finally, the council is looking for new ideas and solutions to common hazards, such as materials handling, slips/trips/falls, and vehicle-related incidents.

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