NIOSH Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health®

The comprehensive nature of Total Worker Health (TWH) approaches requires innovative thinking to design and inform current policies, programs, and practices that advance worker well-being. To inspire innovation in our field, NIOSH funds ten academic Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health (Centers):

The Centers are hubs for TWH-related research and practice that build the scientific evidence base necessary to develop new solutions for complex occupational safety and health problems. The research conducted at the Centers generates new knowledge and offers practical solutions that keep workers safe and healthy and help employers build and retain a productive workforce.

The Centers use multidisciplinary research projects, including intervention-focused research, outreach and education, and evaluation activities to improve our understanding of which solutions work. Covering a variety of issues relevant to the TWH approach and to the future of work, their novel research has the potential to improve the safety and health of workers, employers, and communities.

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Map of the USA with the dots showing the Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health across ten states

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