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NORA Economics Sector Strategic Goals

What is this site?

This site provides information on whether the Strategic and Intermediate Goals of the Economics Cross-Sector Program are being addressed by projects underway. The status buttons shown next to each goal tell you if there are projects underway that primarily relate to that goal. The site also provides information on previously completed work that addresses each goal.

The focus of the projects underway that are included here is predominantly on economics. This is indicated by the "percentage attributed to economics" on the tables that link goals to projects underway. Only projects whose focus is 50% or more on economics are shown on this site. The list of all economics-related NIOSH Research Projects underway includes projects that have a minor focus on economics.

The status button next to each goal is either a green circle or a red triangle. A green circle indicates that there is at least one predominantly economics-focused project underway that primarily addresses this goal. Even though a red triangle indicates that there is no predominantly economics-focused project underway on that goal, under both green circles and red triangles there may be links to publications from formerly completed work that address this goal.

Only the primary goal of each project is used to indicate whether goals are being addressed by projects underway. For example, if a project primarily addressed Intermediate Goal 1.1 and secondarily addressed Intermediate Goal 3.1, the status button of 1.1 would be a green circle, while the status button of 3.1 would be a red triangle.

You can drill down from Strategic Goals to Intermediate Goals, projects, or publications by clicking on the appropriate links. Clicking on a project link provides you with a description of the on-going work and contact information for the lead researcher. Clicking on a publication link takes you to a page where relevant publications are listed along with links to their citation and abstract (where available).

How can practitioners use it?

The site provides a way for interested practitioners to identify the predominantly economics-focused projects underway that are primarily related to each goal and the researchers who lead these projects. The site also allows practitioners to access information on goal-related publications.

How can researchers use it?

The site provides a way for interested researchers to identify research gaps and develop new research projects to address them. It can also facilitate collaboration among researchers by identifying those who are working on topics related to a particular goal.

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