Communication and Information Dissemination Program

Program Description

NIOSH Health Communications Steering Committee

The NIOSH Health Communications Steering Committee represents all of the NIOSH Labs and Divisions in six states and guides the work of the portfolio.

The mission of the Communication and Information Dissemination (CID) Cross-Sector Program is to ensure the delivery of effective occupational safety and health communication that drives the adoption of safe work practices to improve workplace safety and health for all people. The program strives to fulfill its mission through:

  • High-Quality Research: NIOSH will continually strive for high quality research and prevention activities that will lead to reductions in occupational injuries and illnesses among all workers.
  • Practical Solutions: The NIOSH CID cross-sector program is committed to the development of practical solutions to the complex problems that cause occupational diseases, injuries, and fatalities among all workers.
  • Partnerships: We recognize that collaborative efforts in partnership with labor, industry, government, and other stakeholders are usually the best means of achieving successful outcomes. Fostering these partnerships is a cornerstone of the NIOSH CID cross-sector program.
  • Research to Practice (r2p): We believe that our research only realizes its true value when put into practice. Every research project within the NIOSH program portfolio formulates a strategy to promote the transfer and translation of research findings into prevention practices and products that will be adopted in the workplace.

Communication science and intervention research have long been applied to the public health field for informing research and developing impactful interventions. Our challenge is to expand this field of knowledge and apply the lessons and recommendations to our work in the occupational safety and health setting.

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Core Portfolio Activities

partnerships Quality Performance Relevance

Working with partners to transfer evidenced-based knowledge into relevant routine practice.


  • Client-focused planning
  • Integrated customer components


  • Science guided decision-making


  • Multi-channel approaches
  • Evaluation and feedback
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