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Mining Publication: Analysis of Acoustic Responses of Domal Salt Mine Samples


Original creation date: January 1990

Image of publication Analysis of Acoustic Responses of Domal Salt Mine Samples

The Bureau of Mines has developed an acoustic test for determining if a rock salt sample is from a "normal" nongassy salt face or from a gassy face where an outburst has the potential to occur. The test is based on the observation that a salt sample taken near an outburst-prone zone produces an audible popping sound when it is dissolved in water. The sound is produced when pressurized gas that is trapped in salt samples is released. In the acoustic test, the sound is electronically measured, digitized, and transmitted to a microcomputer; the output is an average decibel value that classifies the sample as "normal" or "outburst." The acoustic test procedure and equipment are described, and raw test results and data analysis are shown. Results are also shown for several salt samples that were analyzed using a laser Raman microprobe.

Authors: RH Grau, TE Marshall

Report of Investigations - January 1990

NIOSHTIC2 Number: 10007394

Pittsburgh, PA: U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, RI 9295, 1990 Jan; :1-9