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Mining Publication: Exploring Virtual Mental Practice in Maintenance Task Training

Original creation date: July 2016

Cover page for Exploring Virtual Mental Practice in Maintenance Task Training

This paper aims to contribute to a general understanding of mental practice by investigating the utility of and participant reaction to a virtual reality maintenance training among underground coal mine first responders.

NIOSH researchers developed software to provide opportunities for mine rescue team members to learn to inspect, assemble and test their closed-circuit breathing apparatus and to practice those skills. In total, 31 mine rescue team members utilized the NIOSH BG 4 Benching Trainer software and provided feedback to the development team. After training, participants completed a brief post-training questionnaire, which included demographics, perceived training climate, and general training evaluation items.

The results overall indicate a generally positive reaction to and high perceived utility of the BG 4 benching software. In addition, the perceived training climate appears to have an effect on the perceived utility of the mental practice virtual reality game, with benchmen from mines with more positive training climates reporting greater perceived efficacy in the training's ability to prepare trainees for real emergencies.

Authors: TJ Bauerle, MJ Brnich, J Navoyski

Peer Reviewed Journal Article - July 2016

NIOSHTIC2 Number: 20048338

J Workplace Learn 2016 Jul; 28:(5):294-306