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Mining Publication: Volumetric Measurement of Rock Movement Using Photogrammetry

Original creation date: January 2016

Cover page for Volumetric Measurement of Rock Movement Using Photogrammetry

NIOSH ground control safety research program at Spokane, Washington, is exploring applications of photogrammetry to rock mass and support monitoring. This paper describes two ways photogrammetric techniques are being used. First, photogrammetric data of laboratory testing is being used to correlate energy input and support deformation. This information can be used to infer remaining support toughness after ground deformation events. This technique is also demonstrated in a field application. Second, field photogrammetric data is compared to crackmeter data from a deep underground mine. Accuracies were found to average 8 mm, but have produced results within 0.2 mm of true displacement, as measured by crackmeters. Application of these techniques consists of monitoring overall fault activity by monitoring multiple points around the crackmeter. A case study is provided in which a crackmeter is clearly shown to have provided insufficient information regarding overall fault ground deformation. Photogrammetry is proving to be a useful ground monitoring tool due to its unobtrusiveness and ease of use.

Authors: DJ Benton, SR Iverson, LA Martin, JC Johnson, MJ Raffaldi

Peer Reviewed Journal Article - January 2016

NIOSHTIC2 Number: 20047309

Int J Min Sci Technol 2016 Jan; 26(1):123-130