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Mining Publication: Vibration Testing of Off-Road Vehicle Seats

Original creation date: January 1993

Image of publication Vibration Testing of Off-Road Vehicle Seats

The U.S. Bureau of Mines, in cooperation with Carter Mining Co., conducted vibration tests of four off-road vehicle seats. The purpose of the tests was to determine which seat provided the best vibration attenuation under laboratory conditions. Laboratory tests were constructed to simulate the mining vibrations environment within the limitations of the test equipment. The acceleration test levels and corresponding response of the seats were low compared to ISO 2631's fatigue-decreased-proficiency time limits. Two of the seats employed mechanical suspensions and two seats employed air suspensions. The seats were tested using a 22,241-N (5,000-lbf) electrodynamic shaker. Mechanical suspension seats were tested with various preload-to-mass ratios (PMR's) and cushion densities. Air suspension seats were tested with various air pressure levels and seat cushion densities. Air suspension seats provided good vibration attenuation if pressurized greater than 552 kPa (80 psi). Mechanical suspension seats' attenuation performance decreased if the PMR exceeded 9.8. Seat cushions of lower density provided less vibration damping.

Authors: JC Gagliardi, WK Utt

Report of Investigations - January 1993

NIOSHTIC2 Number: 10003270

U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, Report of Investigations 9454, 1993 Jan:1-25