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Mining Publication: Analysis of Nonstandard Noise Dosimeter Microphone Positions

Original creation date: March 2008

Image of publication Analysis of Nonstandard Noise Dosimeter Microphone Positions

This study was conducted as part of a project involving the evaluation of a new type of noise exposure monitoring paradigm. Laboratory tests were conducted to assess how "nonstandard" dosimeter microphones and microphone positions measured noise levels under different acoustical conditions (i.e., diffuse field and direct field). The data presented in this article reflect measurement differences due to microphone position and mounting/supporting structure only and are not an evaluation of any particular complete dosimeter system. To varying degrees, the results obtained with the dosimeter microphones used in this study differed from the reference results obtained in the unperturbed (subject absent) sound field with a precision (suitable for use in an ANSI Type 1 sound level meter) 1/2-inch (12.7 mm) measurement microphone. Effects of dosimeter microphone placement in a diffuse field were found to be minor for most of the test microphones/locations, while direct field microphone placement effects were found to be quite large depending on the microphone position and supporting structure, sound source location, and noise spectrum.

Authors: DC Byrne, ER Reeves

Peer Reviewed Journal Article - March 2008

NIOSHTIC2 Number: 20033388

J Occup Environ Hyg 2008 Mar; 5(3):197-209