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Mining Publication: MFIRE Users Manual Version 2.20

NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated. Contact NIOSH Mining if you need an accessible version.

Original creation date: August 1995

Image of publication MFIRE Users Manual Version 2.20

MFIRE is a computer simulation program that performs normal ventilation network planning calculations, and dynamic transient state simulation of ventilation networks under a variety of conditions. The program is useful for the analysis of ventilation networks under thermal and mechanical influence. MFIRE simulates a mine's ventilation system and its response to altered ventilation parameters, external influences such as temperatures, and internal influences such as fires. Extensive output enables detailed quantitative analysis of the effects of the proposed alteration to the ventilation system. Network simulation using digital computers has become widespread throughout the mining industry in recent years. However, as the sophistication of the simulator increases (MFIRE, for example), the complexity of input data requirements and interpretations of results requires more skill and knowledge from the users. Perhaps the most difficult part of using MFIRE is to construct the data set describing the mine's physical layout and its ventilation properties. The initial attempts to get the data set running often reveal unknown or ignored aspects of the mine's ventilation. MFIRE was written in Fortran 77 and compiled with Microway Fortran for the Intel 80386 based computers with a 80387 math co-processor. The source code is portable and available for users who wish to modify the source code to operate on other computers. This user manual describes the development of MFIRE, the input format and requirements, the output, common errors, fire parameters, and examples MFIRE application. Valuable reference material is included in the appendices. Knowledgeable users may skip directly to the PROGRAM INSTALLATION AND OPERATION section to begin using MFIRE immediately.

Authors: LW Laage, RE Greuer, WH Pomroy

Reference - August 1995

NIOSHTIC2 Number: 20033328

Twin Cities Research Center, US Bureau of Mines, Minneapolis, MN, USA, US Bureau of Mines Training Workshop on the “MFIRE” Mine Fire and Ventilation Simulator, 1995 Aug; :1-110