Mining Project: Assured Autonomy Supervisory Intervention System Technology (ASSIST)

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Principal Investigator
Start Date 10/1/2021
End Date 9/30/2022

This pilot project will determine if technology and methodology exist to construct a real-time systems risk assessment and intervention framework that is applicable to a wide variety of autonomous mining equipment.

Research Summary

The research approach consisted of two primary phases: literature review and preliminary framework development. The literature review analyzed current and emerging sensor technology as well as approaches to target tracking, collision detection, and real-time risk assessment. Further, project members investigated rulings and guidelines governing automation to ensure compliance. Based on these findings, a preliminary framework has been proposed and a test bed has been established. The test bed employs a suite of sensors that includes Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), radar, stereo cameras, and thermal cameras in order to gauge framework performance as it is revised in future work.

The preliminary AASIST framework has been documented. This includes a description of the controller software, selected algorithms, and future work. The pilot work is guiding a proposal for a four-year project which will require field testing, framework iteration, and implementation by stakeholders. Any interested parties are encouraged to contact the Principal Investigator to request information or schedule a meeting to explore potential collaboration.

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