Mining Project: Calibration and Verification of Longwall Stress Models

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Principal Investigator
Start Date 10/1/2010
End Date 9/30/2013

To provide a case study and exploration of options in assessing ground safety with analytical stress analysis tools in design of longwall coal panels consistent with MSHA guidance.

Topic Area

Research Summary

This project was executed as part of the NIOSH effort to reduce ground failure fatalities and injuries in the mining industry. This project contributed to the NIOSH Mining Program.

The major outputs from this project were peer-reviewed and publicly available publications demonstrating and developing proper practice in assessing ground failure hazards consistent with guidance provided by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). These developments have application to other types of underground coal mining, and provide some insight into similar mining methods applied to other commodities. The outcomes of this project facilitated development of sound engineering practice within the framework provided by MSHA guidance and, possibly, extension and/or refinement of that guidance. This work promoted development of standards and conventions for appropriately conducting ground control analytical stress analyses, providing much-needed context for analysts working within the framework of MSHA guidance. Ultimately, the project supported assurance of ground safety by design in the nation's coal mines.

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