Mining Contract: Intrinsically Safe Low-Power Methane Wireless Sensors for Mapping of Methane Gas Clouds

Keywords: Methane
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Contract # 211-2015-63806
Start Date 8/17/2015
End Date 10/17/2017
Research Concept

This contract aims to develop intrinsically safe, low-power-consumption methane sensors integrated with a wireless sensor network.

Topic Area

Contract Status & Impact

This contract is complete. To receive a copy of the final report, send a request to

The contractor, GE Global Research Center, will develop a low power methane sensing material combined with a new multivariable sensor platform for methane quantitation in the presence of interferences from other gases and water vapor. The sensor platform will be integrated into a wireless sensor node network and validated through field tests.

The proposed technology has four components: (1) a new type of sensing material to detect methane up to a concentration of 5% methane-air, (2) a new multivariable sensor to recognize different responses and interferences, (3) data analytics for enhanced low level methane detection and temperature compensation, and (4) a wireless sensor node network.

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