Mining Contract: Next Generation Continuous Personal Dust Monitor (CPDM)

Contract # 75D3011C03087
Start Date 9/24/2018
Research Concept

This contract will produce a prototype version of a next generation continuous personal dust monitor (CPDM).

Contract Status & Impact

This contract is ongoing. For more information on this contract, send a request to

The focus of this work is to develop a next-generation continuous personal dust monitor (CPDM). The contractor, Thermo Fisher Scientific, will target three primary areas in this project: reducing the size and weight of the current CPDM (PDM 3700), improving the thermal performance of the instrument, and improving the battery life and instrument runtime.

Improved battery life will ensure that the future instrument is capable of operating in excess of the required 12 hours maximum runtime and provide long-term instrument performance. Improved thermal control will result in the ability of the instrument to be operated over a wider shift temperature operating range while still providing accurate near-real-time dust concentration measurements and accurate end-of-shift exposure results as required by MSHA. Overall, the contract will address the need for a smaller, lighter, and quieter CPDM that is designed to comply with MSHA approval criteria.

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