Mining Feature: NIOSH at SME 2024

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Are you attending 2024's MINEXCHANGE, SME's Annual Conference and Expo? We'll be there February 25-28 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Plan to come see us at Booth #1325!

Learn how you can apply mining research at your operation by attending our technical presentations. See the schedule below:

Monday, February 26th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
North 126A Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Mine Design in Industrial Minerals and Aggregates
2:05 pm Enhancing Ventilation and Development Planning in Underground Stone Mines: Insights from a CFD-based Study
Khaled Mohamed, Vasu Gangrade, and Vaibhav Raj
North 127C Health & Safety: The Role of Technology and Innovation Advancing H&S in Mining
2:05 pm Ground Truth Instrument Testing to Evaluate Surface Haul Truck Collision Warning/Avoidance Systems
Chenming Zhou, Jacob Carr, and David Yantek
3:45 pm An Overview of NIOSH Safety and Health Research on Robotics and Automation in the Mining Industry
Jacob Carr, Steven Sawyer, Robert Bissonnette, W. Randy Reed, and Michael McNinch
North 128A Health & Safety: Process Safety and Risk Management
2:25 pm Characterizing Mine Fire in Large Underground Ventilation Networks Using Machine Learning
Davood Bahrami, Yuting Xue, and Liming Yuan
North 227B Coal & Energy: Best of Ground Control
2:45 pm Coal Pillar Rib Stability: A Regression Model Based on Distinct Element Method
Khaled Mohamed and Morgan Sears
North 222B Mining & Exploration: Geosciences: Best Practices in Ground Support in Underground Mines
2:45 pm A Study on the Impact of In-seam Rock Partings on Coal Pillar Strength Based on Field Instrumentation and Numerical Modeling at the Maple Eagle Mine
Morgan Sears
North 225B History of Mining
3:05 pm Island Creek Coal Company - A Coal Pioneer
George Luxbacher
North 125B Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Digitalization and Automation in Industrial Minerals and Aggregates
3:45 pm Selecting Filters for Both Mine Dust Mass and Crystalline Silica Measurements in Mines
Robert Bissonnette
Alhambra Room, Sheraton NIOSH - NORA Mining Sector Council Meeting
4:30 pm George Luxbacher and W. Randy Reed

Tuesday, February 27th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
North 127C Health & Safety: Total Worker Health
9:25 am What Do the Indicators of Workers' Mental Health Status in Mining and Other Industries and Occupations Tell Us?
Aaron Sussell and Gerald Poplin
10:25 am Explosion-proof Enclosure Failure to Contain a Lithium-ion Battery Thermal Runaway
Thomas Dubaniewicz
North 227B Coal & Energy: Ventilation Innovations I
9:25 am Enhancing Air Quality in Underground Stone Mines: Evaluating the Efficacy of an Auxiliary Fan Air-filtration to Reduce DPM
Vasu Gangrade
10:45 am Estimating Air Blast Velocity Using Optical Flow Algorithm
Vasu Gangrade
North 221C Inclusion & Diversity: Best Practices and Case Studies in Implementing I&D Programs
10:05 am The Development of Spokane Mining Research Division's Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Casey Stazick
North 222A Mining & Exploration: Innovation and Technology: Applications and Design Considerations for Battery Equipment in Mining
10:25 am Concerns with the Environmental Susceptibility of Mine Utility Vehicle and Rubber-tired Mantrip Li-ion Batteries
David Yantek
North 125A Bridging the Gap: Linking Academic Research on Ground Control to Practical Use in the Mining Industry
2:05 pm Panel Discussion
Zoheir Khademian and Ted Klemetti
North 127C Health & Safety: Leadership Practices and Behavioral Science
2:25 pm Safety Pays in Mining v2.0 - Demonstrating the Financial Impact of Injuries in Mining
John Heberger
2:45 pm Lessons Learned from Haul Truck Operator Near-miss Events: Use of Critical Decision Method to Identify Strategies and Interventions for Haul Truck Safety
Jennica Bellanca
3:05 pm Industry Perspectives on Mineworker Fatigue: Findings from a Needs Assessment
Zoe Dugdale and Timothy Bauerle
North 128A Health & Safety: Health & Safety in Industrial Minerals
2:45 pm Canopy Air Curtain to Reduce Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure for Underground Blasters
Steven Mischler
3:45 pm Changes in Principle Horizontal Stress Direction Contributing to Massive Roof Collapse at the Subtropolis Mine
Nicole Evanek and Gamal Rashed
North 126C NIOSH Automation Partnership Program
3:30 pm Topic Selection Meeting for the NIOSH Mine Automation and Emerging Technologies Health and Safety Partnership

Wednesday, February 28th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
North 222B Mining & Exploration: Management: People Management: Building and Maintaining Safety Cultures
9:05 am Panel Discussion
Emily Haas
North 128B Ground Control: From Surveillance to Practice
9:05 am Thermal Runaway Pressures as a Function on Free Space in Sealed Containers for Lithium Titanate Cells
Connor Brown and Thomas Dubaniewicz
9:45 am An Integrated Method to Classify Ground-fall Accidents and to Estimate Ground-fall Trends in US Mines Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Gamal Rashed, Yuting Xue, Connor Brown, Zoheir Khademian, and Khaled Mohamed
10:05 am Quantifying the Texture of Coal Images with Different Lithotypes Through Grey-level Co-occurrence Matrix
Yuting Xue, Khaled Mohamed, and Mark Van Dyke
10:25 am Ground Control: From Surveillance to Practice
Mark Van Dyke
10:45 am Ground Control Monitoring: A Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners on Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Currently Used by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Todd Minoski, Matthew McElhinney, and Morgan Sears
11:05 am Best Practices for Ensuring Safety in Field Studies: A Comprehensive Guide for Mining Researchers and Operators
Matthew McElhinney, Todd Minoski, and Morgan Sears
North 226B Coal & Energy: Innovation & Technology: Automation in the Mining Value Chain II
9:25 am Robot Deployment and Operations at Mine Incidents and Emergencies
Steven Sawyer
9:45 am Analyzing the Effectiveness of Fire Suppression Systems to Extinguish a Fire on Mobile Diesel Equipment Used in the Mining Industry
James Rowland, Davood Bahrami, and Liming Yuan
10:25 am Examining Pull-out Tests for Resin Grouted Rib Bolts: A Comprehensive Analysis
Khaled Mohamed and Yuting Xue
North 225B Mining & Exploration: Innovation & Technology: Automation Across the Full Mining Lifecycle
9:45 am Machine Situational Awareness in Mining Systems: Addressing Special Circumstances and Barriers to Autonomy
Robert Bissonette
10:05 am Mine Wireless Systems: Interference Risks and Regulatory Implications
Carl Sunderman
10:25 am Who Goes There? Creating Robust Object Detection and Multi-target Tracking in Support of Autonomous Mining Equipment
Michael McNinch
North 127C Health & Safety: Case Studies in Exposure Assessment
9:45 am Real-time Dust Monitoring in Occupational Environments: A Case Study on Leveraging Low-cost Dust Monitors for Enhanced Data Collection and Analysis
Cody Wolfe and Milan Yekich
11:05 am Case Studies of Video-assisted Exposure Monitoring for Respirable Mine Dust
Milan Yekich
North 226A Coal & Energy: Coal Mine Rock Mechanics
2:05 pm NIOSH Gas Well Stability Research: Investigation into the Causes of an Anomalous Shale Gas Well Casing Deformation at a Deep Longwall Mine
Wen Su
2:25 pm Validation of Modeled Rockmass Permeability Against Field Measurements in a Longwall Mine
Zoheir Khademian
3:25 pm A Systematic Global Review of Factors Associated with Dynamic Failure Occurrence in Coal Seams
Heather Lawson
North 127C Health & Safety: NORA - Applied Technologies for Silica Dust Control
2:05 pm NIOSH MINER Act Extramural Research for Silica Dust
W. Randy Reed and George Luxbacher
3:05 pm Reducing Operator Exposure to Respirable Dusts - Tangible Highlights of NIOSH and Industry Partnerships
Milan Yekich
3:45 pm Practical Application of Surfactants for Respirable Silica Dust Control
W. Randy Reed
North 222B Mining & Exploration: Geosciences: Practical Elements of Surface Geotechnical Design and Risk Mitigation
2:25 pm Designing a Rockfall Testing Program for Open Pit Mines to Investigate Runout and Bench Catchment
Tyler Emery
North 227B Coal & Energy: Ventilation Innovations II
3:05 pm Mine Ventilation Pathway Simulation on a Hypothetical Shale Gas Well Breach Utilizing the Longwall Instrumented Aerodynamic Model (LIAM)
Robert Kimutis
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