Mining Feature: NIOSH Exhibit at the 2016 SME Annual Conference

Friday, February 19, 2016

NIOSH at SME 2016 with SME tagline: The Future for Mining in a Data-Driven WorldNIOSH will showcase some of its latest mine safety and health research at the 2016 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Annual Conference and Expo February 21–24 in Phoenix, Arizona. Stop by the NIOSH exhibit (Booth 1211) to try out new software, see technology demonstrations, or pick up one of our latest publications. NIOSH researchers and representatives will also be presenting research and spending time at the exhibit throughout the conference.

Exhibit features include:

NIOSH 2016 SME exhibit of BG 4 software

  • BG 4 Benching Trainer software. The BG 4 Benching Trainer software is a supplemental training tool for mine rescue workers who are learning how to bench (inspect, assemble, and test) a Draeger BG 4 mine rescue breathing apparatus. Visitors will be able to try the software’s three training modes, which place the user in 3D environments where they can visually inspect the individual parts of a BG 4, assemble the parts, and test the assembled unit.
  • Coal mine roof support analysis. Numerical modeling can be used to analyze coal mine roof support systems and optimize their designs. Visitors will see animations of two alternative support systems for coal mine entries that have been analyzed using numerical models. The animations show how the roof sags, how rock failure develops, and how the support systems respond to rock deformation. Visitors will also be able to see how different support elements contribute to roof control.
  • Education on black lung disease. Visitors will be able to see freeze-dried human lungs comparing healthy lungs to those that have experienced years of exposure to coal dust, as well as learn more about black lung prevention and detection through NIOSH’s Enhanced Coal Workers' Health Surveillance Program.

NIOSH SME 2016 exhibit of Ergomine mobile application

  • ErgoMine ergonomics audit app. The ErgoMine app is a mobile ergonomics audit for surface haul truck, bagging, and maintenance and repair operations. Users answer a series of questions, which the app uses to identify hazards and provide recommendations for mitigating the hazards. Visitors will be able to preview the audit, browse the questions and recommendations, and conduct a simulated audit. ErgoMine was developed for Android devices and is expected to be available in the Google Play store later this year.
  • Helmet-CAM and EVADE 2.0 software. EVADE 2.0 is the latest addition to the Helmet-CAM system. Helmet-CAM technology involves a worker wearing a small video camera and a data logging exposure sensor. The camera and sensor recordings are later viewed using the NIOSH EVADE software, which shows exposure levels alongside the video playback. In version 2.0, EVADE adds the ability to view multiple video recordings and multiple contaminants, including noise, dust, diesel, and other chemicals. The Helmet-CAM and EVADE 2.0 software will be on display together so visitors can see how the video and contaminant data are used.

NIOSH SME 2016 exhibit of built-in-place refuge alternative research and recommendations

  • Refuge alternative research. A refuge alternative (RA) is intended to provide a safe place for mine workers to take refuge if they are unable to escape their work area immediately following a mine disaster. Visitors to the exhibit will learn about recent safety recommendations for the maximum distance a built-in-place RA should be from the working face for various seam heights. Visitors will also be able to pick up copies of NIOSH’s recent RA publications
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