Mining Feature: BG 4 Breathing Apparatus Training Software Released

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Training with BG 4 softwareMine rescue trainer and trainees using BG 4 Benching Trainer software.

Mine rescue teams now have a unique and cost-effective resource for improving their competencies in benching (the process of inspecting, assembling, testing) closed-circuit breathing apparatus—the BG 4 Benching Trainer software. This interactive software enables mine rescue trainers and trainees to learn, reinforce, or teach the skills needed to successfully bench a virtual Draeger BG 4 closed-circuit breathing apparatus through the software's realistic 3D representations of the equipment parts. The BG 4 Benching Trainer software supplements traditional hands-on training and aids rescue personnel in maintaining the integrity of breathing apparatus, which in turn keeps mine rescue team members safe during mine emergencies. 



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