Mining Feature: SME Spring 2022 Seminar Series features NIOSH presentations

Monday, March 28, 2022

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The NIOSH Mining Program will be delivering a series of presentations at the Spring 2022 Seminar Series coordinated between the Program and the Pittsburgh Section of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration (SME). These presentations are based on NIOSH papers accepted and published at the 2022 SME Annual Conference. 

The Series will consist of six 90-minute virtual sessions beginning on Tuesday, April 19th and continuing thereafter on a Tuesday-Thursday schedule for three weeks (April 19, 21, 26, 28, May 3 and 5). Each session will begin at 1:00 p.m. EDT and will conclude at 2:30 p.m. During each session, a total of four papers will be presented at 20-minute intervals (15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions).

Preview the program of sessions, scheduled presentations, and abstracts.

Attendance is free.

For those who wish to earn professional development hours, PDH certificates are available from SME at an extra cost. PDH certificates will be available for 1.5 hours per session up to a total of 9 hours for the complete series. SME will charge $50 per certificate regardless of the number of hours.

Registration is required for attendance and to receive an optional PDH certificate. Upon registration, you will receive an email confirmation containing the Zoom meeting link and additional information.

PDH certificates must be requested from Mary DelRosso ( or 412-835-7387)


For questions or to request further information, contact the seminar coordinators:


Each session will begin at 1:00 p.m. EDT time and end at 2:30 p.m. EDT

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 - Ground Control

Utilization of Statistical Analysis to Identify Influential Slope Parameters Associated with Rockfall at Open Pit Mines - Joe Bourgeois

Changes in Elasticity and Ductility of Cemented Paste Backfill due to Variations in Binder Content - Tyler Emery

Assessment of Floor Heaves Associated with Bumps in a Longwall Mine Using the Discrete Element Method - Bo Kim

Effects of Foam Additive on the Ductility of Cemented Paste Backfill - David Sweet

Thursday April 21, 2022 - Ventilation 1

A Novel Methodology to Locate an Abnormal Airflow in Underground Mine Ventilation Networks - Davood Bahrami

A Direct Derivative Method to Calculate Resistance Sensitivity for Mine Ventilation Networks - Lihong Zhou

Rockmass Permeability Induced by Longwall Mining Under Deep Cover: Potential Gas inflow from a Sheared Gas Well - Zoheir Khademian

A Network Model of an Unconventional Well Breach in an Underground Coal Mine - Heather Dougherty

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 - Ventilation 2

A Laboratory Investigation of Underside Shield Sprays with a Shearer Clearer Water Spray System to Improve Dust Control on Longwall Faces - Scott Klima

Lithium Ion Battery Thermal Runaway in a Methane-Air Environment - Naseem S. Rayyan

Hot Surface Ignition of Liquid Fuels Under Ventilation - Wei Tang

Evaluation of Parameters Influencing Potential Gas Flow to the Mine in the Event of a Nearby Shale Gas Well Casing Breach - Kayode Ajayi

Thursday April 28, 2022 - Safety 1

Haul Truck Safety: NIOSH Research Update - Jon Hrica

An Overview of Methods and Parameters to Evaluate Detection Performance and Validation of Collision Warning and Avoidance System in Surface Mining - Joseph N. Bickson

Analysis of U.S. Surface Mining Haul Truck and Mobile Equipment Accidents - John Homer

Comparison of Thermal Runaway Pressures Within Sealed Enclosures for Nickel Manganese Cobalt and Iron Phosphate Cathode Lithium Ion Cells - Tom Dubaniewicz

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - Dust

Laboratory Investigation of Respirable Coal Dust Deposition and Suppression Process in a Confined Chamber - Hua Jiang

Statistical Analysis of Diesel Particulate Matter and Silica for Underground Stone Mines - Marcia L. Harris

Respirable Crystalline Silica Exposures Among United States Metal and Non-Metal Mines, 2000-2019 - Shilpi Misra

Wavelength Selective Portable Device for Quantifying Organic and Elemental Carbon in Diesel Particulate Matter - David Parks

Thursday, May 5, 2022 - Safety 2

Findings from a systematic review of fatigue interventions: What’s (not) being tested in mining and other industrial environments - Zoe Dugdale

Hand and Finger Injuries in the U.S. Mining Industry, 2011-2017 - John Heberger

Electromagnetic Emission Measurement of the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Process - Lincan Yan

Optimization of Auxiliary Fan Placement for Large-Opening Underground Stone Mines - Vasu Gangrade

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